Single storey house v/s. Double storey. How to choose?

Congratulations on your decision to build your own house. 

Now the very next thing that you will have to decide is whether to go for a single storey or a double storey house. Of course, a lot will depend upon the size of the plot. If the plot size is small then the only option is to go vertical and build a two storey house. 

However, let’s say that you have a good-sized plot and are unable to decide which would be better. 

Read on to  help you decide :

Advantages of a Single storey House

Easier to build and construction will also be completed faster.
Ideal for the elderly as they do not have to climb stairs
More square feet space will be available as space for stairs is not needed.
The cost to build is comparatively less than a double-story house.

Disadvantages of a Single storey House

Less privacy as the living areas and bedrooms are on one level only.
Not suitable for urban areas as the land cost is higher.
Floor plans are comparatively limited.
Takes up more land space 

Ideally, single-story home is a good choice for retired couples as well as for families with small kids as it will be easier to keep an eye on them.

Now we come to the advantages and disadvantages of a double story house.

Advantages of a Double storey House

It can be built in a very small plot.

It can take advantage of its height to give a nice view 

More privacy as the bedrooms will be on the upper floor

More ventilation as the number of windows is more.

It will be cooler on the lower floor as there is an upper floor plus terrace. 

Disadvantages of a Double storey House 

Less space because of the staircase

Risk of an accident while climbing the stairs for seniors and kids.

The cost of construction is more as foundation expense increases.

More time is needed for construction 

You need to go up and down the stairs a lot of times in a day.

Double-story houses are ideal when you have a small plot of land. It is also suitable for people who need more privacy and have a larger family with teenage kids.